When should you have the floor cleaned

When should you have the floor cleaned

Companies should always leave the cleaning of the floor to a professional construction cleaning services in Mississauga, ON company. Especially if you have not hired a cleaning company for the office or commercial premises that cleans regularly. Over time, this can lead to heavy soiling or wear and tear on the floor covering Рsometimes even permanent damage. The main contaminants on the flooring are dirt from the road, dust, abrasion from shoes, food crumbs and stains from beverages such as coffee.

Plastic floors and technical floors can be cleaned and restored, such as PVC, rubber, linoleum, rubber and vinyl floors. Also, hard floors such as terrazzo, marble or granite can be cleaned and restored. Also, other types of office floors can be cleaned, depending on their composition and texture, among others. Consult us, and we will advise you on the solution that best suits your office floor.

On hard floors such as terrazzo, marble or granite, the company performs various techniques to remove embedded dirt depending on the degree of dirt or deterioration. By stripping the floor, we manage to remove stains and dirt from floors that are not badly damaged, leaving them clean and ready for crystallization, which is the technique that should be used to protect the floor. There are cases in which the floor is not damaged and simply has some stains in specific areas. Well, in these cases, simply by cleaning using specialized floor products, they would be able to leave it clean and ready for crystallization.

For hard floors that are very damaged, stripping would not be the most appropriate technique and we would have to polish the floor. This technique lowers the floor using different abrasive grains, removing dirt and imperfections from the floor, and leaving it ready for crystallization.

When we clean an office, this also includes cleaning and maintaining the floor. As part of the maintenance cleaning, we make sure that the floor covering is clean and shiny again. Then the employees feel comfortable and your office leaves the customer with a neat impression. How often we clean the floor in the office depends entirely on the frequency of the desired or necessary office cleaning. This depends on the use of the rooms and the associated cleaning requirements. Many customers from various places have their offices and floors cleaned every 7 days. On the other hand, they only clean other commercial and office spaces every 14 days, others even daily, such as a hairdressing salon or a dance school.

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